Chemical Education is GOLDEN

25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
hosted by the University of Notre Dame, July 29 - August 2, 2018


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Tasks of the Organizing Committee


Roles of the organizing committee:



General Chair

Oversees all aspects of the conference -- venue, budgets, interfacing with BCC/DivCHED, sponsors, etc., etc., etc.

Program Co-Chairs

In charge of the conference content -- plenary speakers, symposia, etc., coordinate with 2YC3 and Pre-college Program chairs for their programs

Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium (2YC3) Program Chair

Selected by the 2YC3 executive committee, these individuals are responsible for the community college programming at the BCCE

Pre-College Program Co-Chairs

Selected by AACT and the High School Committee, these individuals are responsible for the k-12 programming at the BCCE

General Papers Chair

Coordinates the abstracts submitted who do not belong to any of the proposed symposia

Poster Session Chair

Responsible for the poster sessions during the conference

DivCHED Younger Chemists Cmte

Consultant from the YCC to ensure appropriate programming from this committee

Workshops & Safety Chair

Responsible for the workshop programming and chemical safety at the conference

Exhibits Co-Chairs

Works with the General Chair on the exhibition. Responsible for the set up and tear down of the exhibits and dealing with vendor questions.


Oversees income and expenses; reports to the General Chair

Local Arrangements

Works to ensure appropriate spaces are availble for all aspects of the conference


Works with the General Chair to prepare logos and print materials for the conference

Information Technologies

Oversees the techology support for the conference

Volunteer Coordinator

Hires and oversees work schedules of student volunteers; works closely with General and Program chairs

Fun Run

Sets up and runs the 5K Fun Run activity; works with vendors/sponsors for the fun run

Golf Outing

Sets up and runs the golf outing activity; works with vendors/sponsors for the outing

Social Media & Newsletter Editor

Oversees external communications via social media channels and produces the newletter during the conference with any updates/changes to programming and schedules

BCCE Photographer

Takes official photos for the BCCE and submits them for social media use as well as archives of the conference

Transportation Coordinator

Oversees transportation needs during the conference -- busses and golf carts; ensures those needing special transportation between campus venues occurs on time

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Contact the BCC Chair or General Chair of an upcoming BCCE and volunteer your services.

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Phone: 574-631-2302

Email: bcce2018@nd.edu


Dr. Steven Wietstock
General Chair, BCCE 2018
331 Jordan Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

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