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25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
hosted by the University of Notre Dame, July 29 - August 2, 2018


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Oral Presentation Guidelines


In order to ensure your presentation is a success, it is important that you are familiar with and abide by the following guidelines. Your cooperation will be appreciated and will help keep the meeting on schedule for the benefit of all attendees.

Maintaining the Published Schedule

Standard talks are 15 minutes with an additional 5 minute Q&A period. Published presentation times must be maintained. It is important that presentations not start late or extend past their scheduled conclusion because of equipment set-up or associated troubleshooting with computers. Switching the order of presentations from the published schedule is not permitted. Symposium organizers and session chairs will be responsible for keeping their session on time.

Standard AV Equipment in Technical Session Rooms

Classrooms feature a projector and screen, a Mac/Windows computer, and a document camera. Classroom podium systems have the capability of connecting to an external computer through HDMI conncetions. Many of the larger classrooms also have microphones and sound systems for use as well.You must notify your symposium organizer as soon as possible of any other audiovisual requests (such as a VCR or overhead projector). This equipment may be available at an additional cost and must be approved in advance by the Conference General Chair. Last minute AV changes or requests will not be honored. Please plan your talk accordingly.

Preparing for Your Electronic Presentation on a LCD Projector

PC and/or Macintosh computers will be provided in each symposium room. These systems will have the latest version of Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint) and Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox browsers. Internet access (wired or wireless depending upon the room) will also be available.

We strongly encourage presenters to use USB drives for transferring your presentation to the podium computers. However, presenters may provide their own laptop computer, power cord and any other proprietary cords required by the laptop -- all connections to ND lecturns are via HDMI connections. Any issues connecting to the classroom projection systems will be taken from the presentation time in order to keep the symposia on schedule. The BCCE is not responsible for the security of any personal equipment during the meeting. All authors planning to give an electronic presentation on a LCD projector must bring a back-up presentations (USB thumbdrive) in case of unforeseen computer incompatibilities or set-up difficulties with the equipment.

The LCD projectors can accommodate PC and MAC computers. Not all of the meeting rooms are configured to play external sound from your laptop; please let your session organizer know if you need sound for your presentation. Wireless and/or wired internet network access will be available in the technical session meeting room - though you should have a contingency plan should the network be unavailable at the time of your presentation.


Speaker Ready Rooms

To assist you in your presentation, the 25th BCCE will provide a Speaker Ready Rooms with LCD projectors and overhead viewing facilities identical to the presentation rooms. The ready rooms are 108 and 113 DeBartolo Lecture Hall. The hours of operation are 12:30 - 6:00 pm Sunday, and 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Thursday. The Speaker Ready Room will be in the Debartolo Lecture Hall building. We strongly recommend that all authors come to the speaker ready room the DAY BEFORE their presentation to check for connectivity and resolution. We further recommend that authors conduct dry runs of their entire presentation prior to the scheduled talk. This dry run should be conducted in a location other than the speaker ready room.

Speaker Responsibilities on the Day of Your Presentation

It is the presenting author's responsibility to ensure that their computer is turned on and properly connected to the LCD projector no later than the "break" immediately preceding the scheduled presentation. Directions for the use of the projector and the switch box will be provided in each room and the speaker ready room. Sufficient power will be available to handle the laptops and projectors. Minimal audiovisual assistance on non-technical details only can be expected from your session chair or symposium organizer. Technical personnel will be on hand in each room to address unforeseen technical problems. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


DivCHED Rule on Recordings at BCCE 2018

1) The use of any device to capture, stream, upload or rebroadcast speakers or presentations to any public media site or network is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the Division of Chemical Education.

2) Unless expressly prohibited by the symposium organizer or presenter, cameras, camera phones, and tablet cameras may only be used to:

  • capture images of presenters and other participants at the end of presentations with appropriate permissions of those photographed
  • capture images used in note taking apps as long as the notes are for personal use and are not shared with any other individual or posted on any electronic or hardcopy sites

3) Any other use is strictly prohibited at all official ACS meetings and events without the express written consent from the ACS.

Please respect the authorscopyrights and intellectual property.



Talks are 15 minutes plus a 5 min Q&A period.

Please use the Speaker Ready Room in Debartolo Hall to make sure your presentation will work with our classroom technology

Any technical issues will come from your presentation time, so it is up to you to ensure that everything works prior to your talk.

Contact your symposia organizer if you have specific needs other than those outlined on this page.

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