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25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
hosted by the University of Notre Dame, July 29 - August 2, 2018


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Instructions for Poster Session Authors


ACS Policies for Poster Sessions

Each horizontal poster board measures 40 inches tall x 60 inches wide (including frame). All presentations must be confined to poster board itself. Computer display equipment, sound or projection equipment, freestanding or three-dimensional displays, demonstrations/experiments, or tables for handout materials are not permitted in the poster session.

Posters for this BCCE are to be put up as early as possible, but no later than 9 am Monday morning. The posters will be setup on the 8th floor of Duncan Hall. Although the poster sessions will be held Monday evening, we are asking for posters to be removed on Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 5 pm. This will provide attendees additional time to view the posters.

Authors must remain with their posters for the duration of the session or as long they are scheduled by their division, as indicated in the technical program. They are expected to display and discuss their results and answer question from other attendees. If your division schedules its authors for a specific time during the poster session, your paper must remain up to view until the session ends. ACS encourages you to remain for the entire poster session, even if you are only scheduled to be present for a specific time.

Poster numbers supplied by ACS will be placed in the upper corner of each poster board. This number corresponds with the number assigned to each paper in the program book.

Design Suggestions for Scientific Posters

Each horizontal poster board measures 40" high x 60" wide (including frame). Allow ample time to prepare your poster. All poster materials (illustrations, charts, and text) must be prepared in advance. All posters should feature a title, your name, the name of the institution where the research was performed, and should credit other contributors, as appropriate. Use a crisp, clean design. All lettering should be legible from about 5 feet (1.5m) away. Title lettering should be about 2" to 3" (5cm to 7.5cm) . Subheading lettering should be 1/2" to 1" high (1.25 to 2.5 cm). Text lettering should be approximately 24 points (1/4"/.625cm). Make illustrations simple and bold, with captions at least 3/8" high. Enlarge photos, tables, and charts to show pertinent details clearly. Do not tell the entire research history. Present only enough data to support your conclusions and show the originality of the work. The best posters display a succinct statement of major conclusions at the beginning, followed by supporting text and a brief summary at the end. Displayed materials should be self-explanatory, freeing you for discussion. Poster elements should be mounted on 1/8" (.313cm) foam-core board or less. Thicker boards and heavy paper will be difficult to pin onto poster boards. Enhance your effectiveness by mounting your poster on a solid, colored background. Utilize other techniques to improve the graphic impact. Use color to add emphasis and clarity. Simplicity, ease of reading, etc., are more important than artistic flair. Keep in mind that lighting may be dim inside large poster sessions, so make sure your contrasts and color combinations are easy to read.

For ease of transport, make poster elements small enough to package and carry. Pack a sketch of your poster layout, measuring tape, push pins (BCCE will provide a reasonable supply of push-pins, although it is wise to bring your own), or Velcro, so you can set up your poster quickly. All material must be removable. You may not write, paint, or use paste on the board.

You may want to bring handouts of your abstract or copies of your data and conclusions to share with interested viewers. Some authors also provide sign-up sheets to record names and addresses of attendees who might wish more information, reprints, etc.



DivCHED Rule on Recordings at BCCE 2018

1) The use of any device to capture, stream, upload or rebroadcast speakers or presentations to any public media site or network is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the Division of Chemical Education.

2) Unless expressly prohibited by the symposium organizer or presenter, cameras, camera phones, and tablet cameras may only be used to:

  • capture images of presenters and other participants at the end of presentations with appropriate permissions of those photographed
  • capture images used in note taking apps as long as the notes are for personal use and are not shared with any other individual or posted on any electronic or hardcopy sites

3) Any other use is strictly prohibited at all official ACS meetings and events without the express written consent from the ACS.

Please respect the authorscopyrights and intellectual property.



Our standard poster boards are 40" tall by 60" wide

Please put up your posters as early as possible. Posters will be presented in Duncan Hall on the 8th floor. The poster hall will be available on Sunday morning -- have your poster up no later than 9:00 AM Monday morning

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