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25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education
hosted by the University of Notre Dame, July 29 - August 2, 2018


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Workshop Proposals


We are accepting proposals for workshops from 10 June 2017 until 4 December 2017.

The 25th BCCE program committee is dedicated to serving the needs of the participants of the conference. We will offer workshops at the lowest possible cost to the participants. Workshops are an important part of the Biennial Conferences on Chemical Education, but the workshops do drain the resources and time of the BCCE committee. After consulting with the Division of Chemical Education's BCC oversight committee, and with previous BCCE General Chairs and Workshop Chairs, we have implemented a set of rules and guidelines for doing BCCE workshops. Please read these rules and guidelines.

The following information is requested for a workshop proposal:

  • Title of the workshop:
  • Workshop Leader: Name, Institutional affiliation, full address, phone number, e-mail address, FAX
  • Co-workshop Leader(s): Name, Institutional affiliation, full address, phone number, e-mail address, FAX
  • A one paragraph (maximum 250 words) description (abstract) of the purpose and activities of the workshop:
  • Estimated cost of the workshop per participant: $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, or $45. In order to keep the accountants sane during the entire BCCE process, we ask that the workshop fees be in units of $5.00. The minimum fee for workshop will be set at $10. This fee will cover administrative costs to run the workshop program. Past BCCE Workshop Chairs have also determined that the fee cuts down on no shows to the workshops. Workshop expenses should be added to the $10 minimum fee.
  • A detailed budget of expenses (itemize): (Workshop leaders may not include BCCE registration fees, lodging, meals, or travel to the BCCE in their budget request)
  • Commercial or non-commercial (Is your goal to sell a product or service to participants, or is it strictly educational):
  • Audience: College, High School, Elementary/Middle School, General Audience, or any combination.
  • Max # of participants:
  • Time frame for the workshop: a) half session (1.5 hours), mid-session (2 hours), half-day (3 hours); or full day (6 hours with a 1.5 hour break for lunch). Note: Our workshop offerings will start on Sunday morning 29 July at 9:30 am and go until Thursday noon 2 August (9:30 am - 12:30 pm). A few workshops can go until 4:00 p.m. on Thursday - but you are on your own in the afternoon.
  • Do you want to present the workshop more than once? Explain.
  • What day would you like to give your workshop? (Sun., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday). The workshop chair will assign a day for your workshop based upon room & equipment requirements, and schedule conflicts..
  • Potential restrictions/requests (if any): type of room, limit on # of participants, lecture demonstration facilities, instrumentation, multimedia needs, safety goggles required, loading software on computers, etc. -- requests for all equipment, supplies and AV equipment must be made no later than 2 July 2018. After this date, the organizers cannot guarantee that your needs will be able to be met.
  • Potential problems (if any). Explain. Are chemicals, material, or equipment involved in your workshop? If so, we need a complete list of the chemicals, material, or equipment involved. You must also read, sign and submit a copy of the Safety Contract with your proposal. Will you generate a gas, smoke, etc. in your workshop? Does your activity require special ventilation needs? You need to read and follow the 25th BCCE rules & guidelines for transporting, preparation, working with, and disposal of chemicals.

Workshop leaders will sign and submit a workshop contract by 20 April 2018.

Workshop leaders who have a Sunday or Monday workshop are strongly encouraged to arrive on campus Friday, 27 July 2018 to prepare their workshop. Most workshops will use the rooms in Jordan Hall.

Review the Workshop Guidelines before submitting your proposal.


By clicking and submitting a workshop proposal, the organizers of the 25th BCCE assume that you have read and agree to the duties of a workshop organizer:





Recent BCCE have had over 100 workshop sessions.

Typically workshops are half-day sessions. These may be lab-based, computer-based, hands-on discussions, etc.

There is usually a minimal cost in attending the workshop -- $10 to $50 per session to cover costs of materials and equipment

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